Royal New Zealand Navy - Project Protector Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) 2005 - 2008

This project involved prefabrication and installation of entire interior panelling systems and furniture for two new Offshore Patrol Vessels, including accommodation spaces, galley, mess areas and sanitary spaces.
Bulkhead and furniture supply and preparation contract - Over the course of the contract Tenix fell drastically behind with the ship building programme (up to 12 months late) Taylor Bros had to adjust their own programme to slow down production as there were problems storing all the equipment that had been made and prepared. Some of our equipment was stored in containers for over 12 months and all delivery milestones were achieved before they were required by Tenix.
Installation contract - Taylor Bros established a core group of 6 men in Melbourne based at the Williamstown shipyard to carry out the installation. This group was supplemented by staff from Hobart as required in periods of peak activity in the final stages of area completions on each ship. On OPV 1 Tenix provided assistance to complete ceiling panel installation in the passage way spaces and on OPV 2 Tenix decided to do the installation of the galley equipment themselves, all other areas were completely
installed by Taylor Bros within required time milestones.