SEA 1180 OPV Project

Taylor Bros have partnered with Lürssen Australia to design, produce and install accommodation spaces for the Australian Navy's twelve new Arafura Class OPVs as part of the SEA1180 Project. 

With a range of 4,000 nautical miles, the OPVs will have an important role in protecting the nation's borders with greater range and endurance than the existing patrol boat fleet. Taylor Bros is involved in the installation of accommodation, galley, laundry and recreation spaces for between 40-60 crew members. The twelve vessels are based on Lürssen's OPV80 design, with the first two vessels to be built at ASC's Osborne shipyard in South Australia, before production moves to Civmec's Henderson shipyard in Western Australia. 

"This marks the ongoing involvement of Taylor Bros in Australia's continuous naval shipbuilding enterprise, which has seen the company work on projects such as the LHD Amphibious Assault Ships and Air Warfare Destroyers," Minister Christopher Pyne said.

The OPVs roles within the RAN fleet will be border patrol, humanitarian disaster relief, minehunting, marine constabulary roles and interdiction. The lead vessel HMAS Arafura is planned to enter service in 2021.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018