The Antarctic resupply vessels Aurora Australis and L'Astrolabe are based in Hobart. During the summer months, the ships undertake voyages into the Southern Ocean for scientific research, transport of personnel and restock the French and Australian bases in Antarctica. During lay-up periods and winter months, maintenance and refit programmes are undertaken by Taylor Bros to ensure the vessels meet survey standards and to prepare them for the upcoming summer season. Work is scheduled by both owners and charterers, and include installation of scientific equipment essential to the upcoming voyages.


The overhaul and repair of main engines, diesel engines, cranes and winches are undertaken by Taylor Bros during winter months, as well as the refit and repair of scientific laboratories, accommodation, mess, galley and recreation spaces.


The recent introduction of flights between bases and from Hobart has necessitated the construction of living quarters for transiting passengers at base camps and airfields. A new mess, living area and sanitary blocks have been fitted out. Taylor Bros was commissioned to build accommodation for Wilkins Airfield, Davis and Casey bases using structurally modified shipping containers outfitted as cabin accommodation with full living facilities. Separate mess, galley and sanitary blocks were also commissioned.